Charm School Social Club


What are your current flavors?

We update our Twitter page (@CharmSchoolRVA) with all flavor updates. Please note that flavors are subject to change, and we often sell out later in the day. We are open from Tuesday-Sunday. So, if you want a specific flavor, don't wait because we may sell out, especially by Sunday.

Where is your ice cream made?

All of our ice creams and vegan frozen desserts are made in house at Charm School. Our dairy is minimally processed, non gmo from grass fed cows. Vegan products use a house-made combination of cashew and coconut milk. We also produce the majority of our toppings and ice cream inclusions in house as well.

What's in your vegan base?

All of our vegan flavors are made in house using a proprietary mix of both cashews and coconut milk. Occasionally we offer a sorbet that is both nut free and vegan. We do not rely on pre-made "dairy free vegan gelato" mixes made by certain companies that may contain milk derivatives or are made by factories overseas with no oversight. Our house made cones are also vegan.

I saw a flavor on IG that I liked. Is it vegan??

We work hard on our vegan flavor, so when it’s vegan it will say it’s vegan. Unless it’s a sorbet because at Charm School all of our sorbets are vegan.

I have severe allergies! Should I try all of your ice creams before asking?

We use several ingredients which include allergens in our products-- including dairy, eggs, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, coconut, and soy. While we keep equipment clean and sanitized between batches, all products are processed on the same equipment. Please alert staff of any allergy concerns before putting anything in or near your face.

What's your favorite flavor?

Birthday Cake (it's seasonal)

Do you make milkshakes? Can I order a half scoop?

Thank you, but no we don't and no you can't.

I heard you occasionally run out of cones, how is that even possible?

We make our cones fresh, every day, from scratch. Every single one. Our philosophy is why go through the trouble of hand-making ice cream if you're going to put it on top of a cone from a box? We occasionally run out by the end of the day or end of the week. Want to make sure you get a cone? Come early, come often. Our cones are not made from a mix and are vegan as well (heads up, they contain almond extract).

What time do you close?

We close at 9pm sharp or 11pm sharp depending on the day. Please see our full schedule on this website, instagram, facebook or google. When the bell rings at Charm School, the day is over.

Oh man, your staff is the greatest. Working at Charm School must be the fucking best. How can I join your team?

Generally we post any open positions on the Lindsey's List Facebook page. Feel free to email us a resume-- don't forget to attach your availability.

Whoa the music you play is so great! Can you turn it up? Will you turn it down?

No but feel free to send music requests through our side door.

Why is the music so loud when you're closed?

We play the music that we enjoy in Charm School. When we're closed, we play it louder. If you don't enjoy the volume, please don't stay past closing time.

My Bar/Bat-Mitzvah, Quincenierra, prom, corporate event is coming up,... do you rent out the Charm School for private events?

We do on occasion. Please contact us for details and pricing at . Please include desired date, time, and number of people.

Do you wholesale?

Contact us at

15. Hey! We have an organization/event and want a donation or sponsorship! How should we proceed?

As a brand new small business, our ability to donate is limited. We can accommodate a few requests, and invite you to email those requests to Requests for schools and/or dogs are heavily favored.


311 W Broad St.
Richmond, VA


Tuesday 2pm - 9pm
Wednesday 2pm - 9pm
Thursday 2pm - 9pm
Friday 2pm - 11pm
Saturday 2pm - 11pm
Sunday 2pm - 9pm
Monday - CLOSED